Meet The World’s Youngest Serial Killer from India Amarjeet Sada, Who Killed Three Children By The Age of Eight

Serial killing is one of the cruel acts. When we talk about serial killers, we easily remember names like Jack the Ripper, Pedro Lopez, Ted Bunny, and H.H. Holmes and their criminal activities. These are the world’s most notorious serial killers as of now.

But, none of them have been highlighted in the news these days, however, one young kid, Amareet Sada from India has been in the headlines, currently because of his crimes. Is he really the world’s youngest serial killer? Where is he from, and what about his childhood and family members? We will explore all the criminal activities of Amrajeet Sada that you want to know.

How Did Amarjeet Sada Become the world’s youngest Serial Killer?

Considering the news circulating on the internet are to be believed, a-8-year-old kid Amarjeet Sada from Bihar is the world’s youngest serial killer in history to date. He was born into a Poor Mushari family in a village in the Begusarai district of Bihar. Sada is one of the lowest tribes of India whose primary job is lower-level labor and their income is very low.

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As per reports, Amarjeet committed the first murder at the age of seven. He killed three children before he was caught by the Bihar Police.

What Was The Incident?

In 2007, he kidnapped and killed a six-month-old baby girl from his neighborhood. When she was missing from a primary school where she was left by her mother for a few minutes to complete her work. After completing her work and going to her daughter’s place, she found that her daughter was not there.

It brings chaos to her life and started searching for her everywhere, which we can imagine the condition of a mother who lost her 6-month-old baby girl.

While searching in their neighborhood one of the villagers told that Amarjeet had taken their daughter. After hearing this, they anxiously searched and informed the police after not finding both in the village. When the police knew all this, they started an investigation into the village and then found Amarjeet from his home. Upon finding him, police officers were shocked to know when he accepted his crime allegation.

Police still could not believe how a young early-grade child could kill another child for no reason. When they asked him to confess all the details, he asked for a biscuit in return to confess his crimes.

He confessed how he killed that young baby girl in the same way which he killed the other two kids reportedly. Just like Amarjeet, In Essex, 15-year-old James Fairweather murdered two people and was caught by police when he was planning the third murder, The Mirror reports.

Amarjeet Sada’s Criminal Activities, What Comes from Police Investigation?

Amarjeet Sada told with a smile on his face to police officers as he was telling a beautiful story. He had already murdered three kids, but his face was not with fear, which was strange for officers. He confessed that he took them into an empty place and hit them with big breaks into their heads until he believed that they were dead.

After that, he covered them with leaves and mud and buried them. Even after his confession, he took police officers, his family members, and all villagers to the buried place. Amarjeet killed three kids with the same pattern, considering him a serial killer.

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After all this, police took him to a psychiatrist, and they confirmed that Amarjeet had a mental disorder called ‘Sadist’ who derives pleasure from making others injured. 

This news went viral all over India and the world at that time, along with his photo and real identity. Later, a few Indian crime drama TV serials adapted his story and telecast it as a fictional drama show.

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What Happened to Him after his Crimes, And What Is He Currently Doing?

After knowing all his crime stories, he was taken into a children’s home in Munger, Bihar due to Indian law which tells ‘a child cannot be sentenced to death or taken into jail’. It is believed that he lived in a children’s home till 2016 and was released from there in 2016. His current records are not available, but, some reports say that he works as a laborer by changing his real identity in one part of India.

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