Big Brother Season 24 Final 3 Confirmed: Brittany Hopes Eliminated after the week 11 Eviction

Big Brother is one of the popular reality shows on CBS Television. Currently, its 24th season is airing at the station. The season finale is just two days away (Sunday, 8/7c). In week 11 on Thursday morning, the CBS series served the last regular live eviction of season 24.

Only four were left in the house after the week 10 eviction on 18 September 2022. And in the eleven-week eviction, Brittany Hoopes was eliminated from the contest. Let’s discuss more in the 32-second episode.

Big Brother Season 24 Final 3 is Confirmed!

Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale secured their spots already winning the veto and HOH respectively. Whereas, Brittany Hoopes and Matthew ‘Matt’ Turner sat in the block. Monte has the power to decide who can join them in the final stage of the game. It is a complicated decision for him and after his showmance with Taylor.

Because Taylor thought that Turner was the biggest challenge to beat them in the end, and she wants him gone from the BB motel.

BIg Brotehr Season 24
Big Brother Season 24 all 16 contestants. Source: CBS

Monte is then confused about whether he should kick him or not because he has been a good counterpart in the BB journey. 

Then, he reduced showmance with Taylor. And, later Monte votes to eliminate Brittany, and she then went to the jury house. At the end show host, Julie said that BB 24 got their thoughts on the final 3.

Earlier on Alyssa’s eviction day, Julie told Brittany probably be a finalist, but it came out false. Now, viewers will see who will crown the BB title and $750,000 in the Sunday episode.

Who are the other House guests of BB 24?

In the 24 seasons of the BB, 16 houseguests were selected for the contest. 12 House guests were already eliminated from the competition from the first week to ten weeks.

These are Alyssa Snider, Kyle Capener, Jasmine Davis, Joe Pooch Pucciarelly, Paloma Aguilar, Ameerah Jones, Indiana Indy Santos. Likewise, Michael Bruner, Terrence Higgins, Joseph Abdin, Nicole Layog, and Daniel Durston.