Bonner Bolton age, Bio, networth, Relationship, Dates

Homeboy Bonner Bolton left everyone struck with his good looks when he graced the screens on 24th Season of Dancing With The Stars.

Along with his good looks, he is an adventurous guy, a bull rider by profession he won his first title at just 20 years of age.
But in January 2016, his very profession nearly took his life when he was bucked off the bull and landed on his head.
The incident left him temporarily, but he bounced back from it and still is in love with bull riding like he was before.

Bonner’s Bio, Age

Bonner was born on 1st June 1987 in San Antonio, Texas. Born in a family of bull riders he was naturally inclined towards the challenging sport.

Well, his father was profession bull rider for 15 years who was taught by his father(Bonner’s grandfather).
Due to the teachings from his family and hard work, he came fourth in Professional Bull Riding World Finals held in 2015. He recently shared a picture of his younger sister while watching tv at home.



Who Is His Girlfriend?

Bonner Bolton’s gentleman nature and his strong family ties make him an eligible guy for any expectant date out there.
Well, talking about dates, rumors were rife about him and his pro dance partner Sharna Burgess dating. The stories started when the couple debuted their dance performance in hit show Dancing With The Stars.

Adding fuel to fire when he posted their dancing video on Instagram on the occasion of Valentines’ Day. Fans even wondered if they would get married as Texas native and his dance partner’s chemistry was undeniable.
But both Dancing With The Stars participants denied all the dating rumors and mentioned that they were just good friends. And the reason behind the undeniable chemistry was lots of hard work.

You can watch the video, Here

Well, that is a whole lot of explanation.
When Bolton was quizzed about his dating life in an interview with E-news in 2017, he dropped a bomb no one had expected.

No, he didn’t come out as gay or mentioned about dating his dance partner. Instead, he said that he would like to go on a date with fellow 24th season Dancing With The Stars contestant Normani Kordei.

The name sounds familiar because she is the same Normani from Fifth Harmony.

But the pair haven’t gone on a date just yet due to their busy schedules. Fans are still waiting for the gorgeous and single individual to go out on a romantic outing.


Bonner’s Height, Age, And Net Worth

Bonner’s handsome face and enviable height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 m) makes him a favorite athlete among the ladies. Talking about his work credits, he worked as stunt double for Scott Eastwood in the longest ride and appeared as himself on Can I Hang?

Furthermore, increasing the net worth of athlete-age 31-he was also signed to IMG company as a model.


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