Bangla Air crashed in Nepal Tribhuvan Airport

A US-Bangla Airlines passenger plane carrying 71 people crashed on Monday after noon time while coming in to Land at the airport in the Nepal, Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport, office said.
Bangla Airlines were uncontrolled while landing and was powerfully hit on runway and so it was unstoppable it dropped out from runway. The back smoke from the football ground can be seen from any part of Kathmandu valley, said rescue members.
There were 67 passengers and 4 crew members in the plane and only 25 were rescued, but all are in critical condition. Nearby teaching hospitals at Sinamangal, victims are hospitalized, N.P duwadi (APF). He also added that plane was appeared in fire before it landed to Tribhuvan airport.
As soon as nepali army went on spot with ambulance to carryout dead bodies remain in burning part of plane.
Some of the victims are still unidentified how many are nepali and bangladeshi.


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