After +2 / High School?

    What’s the best to select after +2 / High School?

There are tons of carrier field to secure for future. It is easy to dream about future with a good profile tag but not exactly as it looks. Now this article wont going to answer you to your selected questions but it would help you to go with right option.

higher study selection
    Carrier option after +2.

Schools were really good but when we enter in college that remains most memorable part of life. Having an education in your desired filed is a great to your carrier level but just holding back with a degree or certificate is not enough. Everyone have heard about Google Amazon Apple Microsoft but one thing no one knows these giant companies have more than 20% of employees on different sectors without graduation. And about 10%of them are not from any schools. Some of the student take CA (chatter Accounting) B-tech, MBBS for their carrier after higher school and due to some failure steps which leads them a huge loss and they stop their is really a big blow of money and time. So think simple, if you want to be success or having curiosity to work under big companies then follow your passion of what you are interested in. But before reaching up to here, you have to pass from the most difficult part of your life. Here what you read, what you learn can create your future or can destroy your life. After school life, you choose a field for your carrier play major role. Some of the time we copy to others or our family puts pressure on student to take medical field or engineering field just because of your talent friends or family members who are holding a better job carrier and from a student view this is totally crap. To find out which field is best for you then make a wakeup call to yourself and ask yourself where you want to be after 10 years. What is your aim after 10 years from now? What are the things which can support you to reach there? How much your family can afford you to achieve that success? What will happen if you failed to achieve your target, do you have any plan B?
[Note: Sometime your passion can turn up into craziness and leads you a huge loss of financially and time both] These questions won’t stop you from your carrier but it save you from zero return of regrets.

    Then what kind of degree you prefer for carrier?

Well, being in education industry, I can tell that you it’s ultimately your work experience after the studies that will shape your career and that is what matters the most to grow your career. Even though experience will ultimately decide the fate of your career, getting the right education is one of the most important steps you would take in your life.
For example: if you plan to live in your city after graduation, then observe the environment of markets. Select what makes you secure for this tough competition time.
Opting for a degree or diploma will depend on an individual’s goals and individual’s situation. For instance, if you are planning to study Masters, then of course you do need to have at least a four years graduate degree in many cases, while if you like to study for shorter duration, certification or diploma courses may be better. But try to choose a degree not diploma because market or the world always want to have something better than last one. Tough stuffs are always in first priority than the easy one. If you are securing passing marks that is far better than scoring top GPA on easy levels.

    Last line of defense.
change your life

It is always best to choose by yourself not others. Do research, ask questions, clear your doubts then select what is best for you and what leads you to grow. Don’t be parasite for your life, take steps and move by your own. And do not forget that there is no any u turn in your life.


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