5 ways to make easy money from your vehicle…

Want to make easy money from your own vehicle without investing any dollar? Here we go.

Here we have 5 easy ways to make easy money from vehicle and one of idea is great for me as well.

We all needed short income source on our leisure time or on free time. But where to go ? If you got a bike or car then you can have a good source of money daily.

1. food delivery

There is always a short of delivery boy as per restaurant owner time. You can talk to some of busy restaurants which are always busy on selling and easily you can earn 80$-125$ per day. If you want to earn more and make a good connection with high school boys and colleges because their needs are also on rise; and easily you can earn 100$-200$ per day. If number of students are increase then you can earn more.

2. lyft driver

When we are on hurry to go somewhere but no taxi is there and if you are walking then you see more than 2 taxi are near you. And this happens with everyone and may be daily. The best way to observe people of your society who lives near you. And other day you just go to him/her and serve your number whenever he wants a ride to office / school/ club/ market. This is the slow process in all 5 ways but trust me you can make good relation with your society and may be you can date someone soon (haha)..

3. dropshipping

Drop shipping is the easy way to make money with commissions and tips. you can see so many business near by and some of them are online and we all knew how the customers’ choice on purchasing time. So switch on your car or bike and make a rout of shortcuts of a city. Soon you gonna have another bike under six months or may be car. This is seriously my fav one in all. The more you run your vehicle then more you earn.

4. poster man (ads)

If you have fix rout to travel daily miles then here you go. Find some company where you get paid on banner and posters on you bike or cars. This is easy money in all 5. nothing you have to do here. Just move on road and take money from agent just like GTA Vice City game.

5. carrier

If you have truck or you are on car then you can get calls to load and unload goods from one store to another. This can fill your pocket higher than lifting person and dropping.


i am the ceo.