Toby Baxendale Age, Bio, Net Worth/Salary, Wife, Wedding

Toby Baxendale is a famous face as a business personality and he is famous as the former husband of TV presenter, Jenny Powell.

Toby Baxendale Age, Bio

Toby Baxendale was small when their parents divorced. He and his sister was raised by their mother in Acton, West London. They were living in one bedroom flat. When he was eleven years old, his aunt provided a rent house in Hammersmith which was much bigger than the previous.

Toby and his sister studied in Chiswick Comprehensive School, where his mother was a teacher. The childhood life of Toby was a bit painful, because his mother was only a source to get foods in home. He said on his blog,

“The house in Hammersmith was cold and food was always tight, so I vowed that my main mission in life was to a) be fabulously warm and b) eat whatever I liked whenever I liked and to have over-flowing bountiful cupboards and fridges.”


The financial support from his father helps him to get better education environment. He admitted in Quaker Boarding School in Saffron Walden, where he got much interest in politics, political economy, philosophy, and theology. He finished his high school from West London College which was in Hammersmith and later he joined to University at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Toby Baxendale  Career, Family status


His family was suffering from financially where his mother trying to fulfill everything at home but sometime not. So he started to make money illegally. He made his first money and his schemes were to buy tobacco and sell to others, he stated on his blog.

“I was a Londoner, a bit of a rough-around-the-edges son of a comprehensive education, and I had been on a path to juvenile delinquency. Not so surprisingly my first money-making schemes were to buy tobacco and booze that I bought duty free to sell to others not so enterprising. Needless to say, I would not recommend any 13-16 year old do this.”


After graduation, he tried for proper jobs, and after the interview with Trust House Forte, where they said they would provide him a job but he had to wear a uniform for recruitment program in a ‘Little Chef’ as a corporate man. At that time he thought to be an entrepreneur rather than a corporate man. Then he started a restaurant in the Lawson Boom. He invited two investor for his restaurant because he didn’t wanted to be in loss if that failed.

Toby was on profit for first three months but after Gulf War, he was moving into unprofitable directions. After a big loss with his partners, he started to work as freelancing. He used to take orders from meat and fish on a regular basis, from which he was in profit for short period. And with that, he put an offer in-front of Bank of Ireland for which he got loan 10k Euro PA of a “drivers’ wages” in repayment that he had to paid a driver and agreed and set-up a loan account.

Toby started up a company, who supplies fresh meat and fish into whole United Kingdom. In 2001, he changed the name to Seafood Holdings Ltd of which he became direct seafood supplier.

In 2010, he sold his business to a South African Entrepreneur Brian Joffe and his college-mate Bidvest.

Currently, he is now backing other entrepreneurs and investing on them.


“Post that experience in the summer of 2013, I decided to go back to entrepreneurship as once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur at heart. I started backing other entrepreneurs. Most of the current investments are listed on this web site.”


Toby Baxendale Personal Life, Wife Jenny Powell

Toby Baxendale met Jenny in a Chinese restaurant in 1997 and fall in love. Their relationship was sharp and in 2001 January 18 Jenny gave birth to a baby girl. After living several years together, they decided to get married. And in October 2003, the couple got married in an open-air nightclub on shore of Lake Garda in Italy.

The couple was living their romantic life but not long. Their marriage was devastated after Toby cheated Jenny. She reported that he had an extramarital affair with Suzanne Galloway, who was a recruitment consultant. Jenny was pregnant with second child but they got separated in 2008. She stated that,

My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant, but I still needed to love him as the father of my children.

According to report, they tried to sort out their problems but failed and in 2010, they were officially divorced.

In 2017, Jenny set to get married to Martin and we are eagerly waiting for their wedding.


Toby Baxendale Net Worth, Salary

Toby baxendale is a famous person but never shared his estimated net worth and never discussed his salary to the media.  So it difficult to guess his networth.


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