Paul Scholes resigned OldHam just after 4 weeks of his joining. Read more about Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes is an English football coach and former player who is the former manager of Oldham Athletic after winning 3 promotions, 4 Premier League titles and 2 Champions Leagues.


Nick Name: Scholesy Ginger Prince
Date of birth: Nov 16, 1974
Birth place: Salford, Greater Manchester, England
paul Scholes Height: 5ft 7 inches


Fast Facts About Paul Scholes…

paul Scholes is of 44 years old, as per his birth date given.

paul Scholes is an international England footballer.
paul Scholes Scored 2-0 on his debut for England against Italy in 1997.
Retired from international football after the 2004 Euro Championships.
paul Scholes married to his wife Clarie Fraggatt since 1999.

Paul Scholes has total net worth of Euro 18 Million as of 2019.
paul Scholes and Clarie welcomed their three children.

paul Scholes spend his career for manchester United FC.

paul Scholes has resigned as a manager’s position of Oldham Athletic just after four weeks of his job.
He was selected as the boss of the League 2 side in feb.

paul SCholes fromEngland


Here are the some of paul Scholes words which he used before camera today…

‘It is with great regret that I have decided to leave the club with immediate effect,’ Scholes said in a statement.

‘I hoped to at the very least, see out my initial term of 18 months as the manager of a club I’ve supported all my life.

‘The fans, players, my friends and family all knew how proud and excited I was to take this role.


‘In the short period since I took on the role it unfortunately became clear that I would not be able to operate as I intended and was led to believe prior to taking on the role.

‘I wish the fans, the players and the staff – who have been tremendous – all the best for the rest of the season and will continue to watch and support the club as a fan.’

When Scholes was appointed on February 11, he asserts that he was looking forward to working at his new club.

Scholes said: ‘I would not be here if I didn’t feel excited by the team. I have watched football at all levels and the basics apply to any level that you are at.

I have prepared for the past two or three weeks watching games as much as I can. There is a team here capable of doing really well so that is why I decided to come.’

Lets see what will be Paul Scholes’s new job


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